Fast Burning Vape Coil: How To Prevent

(Note: This blog is just for Disposable Vape coils)

'Arhhhh...' is the noise you make after putting a new Vape coil in and its burnt after 1 day of using it!

When I started vaping many years ago, I walked into my local Vape Shop and brought my first vape, I was so excited to start my journey of no longer smoking. Sadly, the store gave me no explanation on how to use it and that the coils needed assistance and I had to change them. I just thought, turn it on, fill it up and off I went....wrong. 
So I know how super frustrating it is and wasting money down the drain is not handy but here is some helpful ways to avoid it, so you don't end up like me who walked around with a burnt out vape for months thinking that the burnt taste was correct, ew.

Vape disposable coils are suppose to last you between 7 - 21 days. It could be some little changes that have to be made. Try these techniques in this list: 

  • Could it be your temperature control?
    Most traditional Vapes will come with a wattage control on them. (If you can't see options to change on your vape then ignore this section.) If you have the option on how low or high to put your wattage then you need to keep the wattage at the temperature that your coil can handle. For example have a look on your coil, there should be numbers e.g. 50-60, this is how low and high your wattage can go to. 
    I recommend to put it at the lowest number first then slowly work your way up.
    If the wattage is to high it was burn your coil pretty much straight away.

  • Did you prime you coil before using it?
    There is a little trick called 'Priming' your coil when you first put the coil in. You need to do this so your cotton is full absorbed with e-juice before using it. 
    All you need to do it grab your new coil and look for the white cotton on the outside, add 3 - 5 drops of your e-juice rotating until its all absorbed. Ta-da, you are primed and ready to go.

  • Have you got enough juice in the tank?
    Sounds a bit silly right, yes there is e-juice in your tank but is there enough. Just take a moment a look closely at your coil or the tank and you may see a line the say 'min'. This line is an interactor of how low you can let your e-juice go. Not enough e-juice means there is not enough to keep to cotton nice and moist which means it will burn the coil. 
    Always keep your e-juice above that line to prevent burning.

  • Chain Vaping
    Cant get enough of your vape, feel like you may as well stick a UV drip in to your arm because it seem like you just constantly have your vape in your mouth. Don't worry we all have felt this. The thing is when you take a draw of your vape you are drying out the coil, when you constantly do it the coil will get dryer and wont be able to moisten back up before your next draw. This will lead to your vape coil not last long. 
    If you feel like your not getting enough try add some more nicotine to your e-juice so you wont need to keep the vape in your mouth.

Try out these steps, hopefully they will give your coil a chance longer then 1 day and you can be on the flavor train for a long ride.

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