Handy tips to stay vaping.

So you have done it! You have stopped smoking and you are on your way...whooohooo but your brain seem to keep having those lingering thoughts. 

'Just one more wont hurt' says your brain but no, stay strong! The transition can sometimes be hard. We all know after the fun new feeling of starting something new and then over time its not there anymore, we all can start going back to our comfortable feeling.

Here are some ways to twerk your brain and your mindset to keep you on the vaping train.

Go Outside

When I started vaping I loved that I could vape anywhere, at anytime in the house, even the toilet if I pleased. There was no stinky smell and I felt like I needed it. After a while I noticed I was just vaping way to much and the novelty was wearing off.  
Here is a brain twerk, treat the vape like a cigarette. Go back outside and you will get that same feeling of having a smoke and going outside is good for the soul as well.

Have you got the right device?

Are your feeling like your getting a flat feeling from vaping, like not getting the hit you are after? Or is the battery life not lasting as long because you are vaping more then your device can handle?
When starting vaping everyone will tell you to start on a pod, which honestly its a great way to start. They are great to understand the basics of vaping e.g. disposable coils and wattage.
Over time you will feel like you are just not getting enough power and life to the battery, a flat battery is not handy. 
Maybe its time for an upgrade. Either the single or dual battery devices will give you longer lasting battery life.
Also another benefit of having external batteries, you can have a set of batteries ready charged to change over.

Get a juice you like

I know, sounds a bit obvious but it really helps. 
The point is, your still craving a smoke, have you tried a tobacco flavor? It can either go one way or the other. Either, it will hit the taste you have been missing or you'll hate it and it will remind you why you quit.
Another great way to keep you interested in vaping is to change up your E-juice. Vaping the same flavour can get boring so change it up, be adventurous. Check out our blog, Top 5 unique E-juices

Count your puffs

The big difference between vaping and a cigarette is that the cigarette comes to an end and the vape is never ending.
So try this, count between 10 - 15 times when using the device which is equals to the amount of drag you will take to a cigarette. Then leave it somewhere, then keep the routine up.

To sum this up, really treat vaping in the same routine as you used to have because we are human and we like those comfits. Smoking is an addictive routine from those hand to mouth movements to the taste and smell.

Don't be hard one yourself and remember that vaping is better for your body, life and bank account. Keep going, you have already taken the first step in the right direction. 

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