The Noobie-Friendly Guide to Vaping

Let's start by saying welcome to the new world of Vaping and lets go for a ride!

So you have decided to give up the stinky sticks and done a bunch of research that has made you super confused, don't worry we are here to help! Lets clear it all up for you in a super basic way. 

What is a Vape?

It is an electoral device that runs on battery power. The power helps to heat up the coil which then the air is circulated by breathing it in. This causes the liquid turn into vapor, genius.

How to choose a Vape

There are thousands of types of Vapes out there and it can get confusing and over whelming but lets make it simple.
For a first time Vaper we recommend either a Pod Device or an Internal Battery Device. These devices are the most simplest and give you the basic skills to maintain a Vape. 

Here is a couple of great choices for you:

What comes with a Vape

In your vape box you will see some extra bits and bobs, these are the tools to maintain your vape and replacement bits (if needed). 

It should come with:

  • One or two spare replacement coils - there is a coil in the head of the Vape, it is silver and long with white cotton inside. This needs to be changed once it has been burnt out, the taste will tell you when to change it (like a burnt taste)
  • User Manual - this is to help you really understand the features and how to use the Vape
  • USB core - This is for charging up your device

How to use and maintain a Vape

Once you have your vape in your hand there is a couple of key steps that you need to do before the first puff.

1. What every you do, DONT turn on the device! Just incase you accidentally fire up the device, then you will burn the coil instantly.

2. Remove the lid or tank from the device, it will either pull or twist off.

3. If the coil can be removed out of the tank ,then remove it for a moment. While you have the coil in your hand, grab your e-juice and put a drop of you e-juice into the spots where you can see the white cotton.
Repeat 3 to 5 times around every spot. This is what we call 'Priming' the coil. Then place the coil back in and fill the rest of the tank up with E-juice. If you can't remove your coil then don't stress all you have to do is find the E-juice entry hole and fill.   

4. I know your super excited to start vaping but WAIT, let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes, so that coil is super soaked. Your Coils should last you between 2 - 3 weeks depending on usage.

Note: Some Pods and Vapes come with a Wattage option, what..... Wattage is were you can choose how much power you would like to use to heat up your coil. 
So how do you choose what wattage number to go to, well on the coil you will see number range e.g. 40 - 50, this means you can put your numbers between 40 - 50 (we recommend starting lower then working your way up higher) 
If you go below 40 you will get a mouthful of E-juice and that is not tasty, its because the coil is not burning high enough to burn the juice.
If you go higher than 50 it will burnt your coil out very quickly because the wattage is too high.

If you are not sure about getting a tradition tank or a disposable, check out our recent Blog. Disposable Vape Vs Refillable tanks.

Hopefully with this information we have cleared up all your questions and made the transition to vaping not so daunting, if you get stuck we are always here to help. We wish you all the best on your new journey as a vaper!

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