Top 5 Unique E-juices to try for 2023

There are thousands and thousands of different brands and varieties out there, it can leave you a bit nervous about trying because you don't want to waste you money and end up with hundreds of bottles, that you will never use. Right?

Check out these crazy and unique flavors to enhance your tastebuds to a new level and who knows, it could become your staple e-juice.

  1. Nasty Juice Shisha Series - Last year Nasty Juice introduced the Shisha range with 4 different varieties to choose from.
    To describe the flavor lets paint a picture. Your sitting on the beach in Bali and you are sharing a shisha with all your friends, with chilled vibes and the sea breeze you take a drag of the Shisha, that smokey strong taste with flavorful notes of a fruit, like Apple, Mint or Grape, brings absolute bliss. Save your money on a plane ticket with Nasty Juice Shisha range it will take you on a trip just with your vape and it comes in a 60ml bottle.
  2. Dr Vape Pink Series - There is nothing more nostalgic then the childhood flavor of cotton candy. Imagine never having to wait for your local fete to come back around to get a pink fluffy ball of goodness, Dr Vape Pink Series have gives you the chance to get your fix everyday of the year. With 3 different cotton candy mixes, Pink Candy (just straight up cotton candy on a stick), Pink Colada (the holiday edition, cotton candy with coconut) and Pink Sour (Super sweet cotton candy with a hit of sour). 
  3. Pachamama - A absolute fruit BOMB explosion! Pachamama has been around for many years but still ranks at the top of our list for the most unique fruit flavor combos and they don't hold back on powerful taste. They use different fruits from all of the fruit family like fuji apple and huckleberry, pitaya and jackfruit. So if you are a fruit vape juice lover we 100% recommend this for you!
  4. Dizzit - Did I heard you say you like desserts? Dizzit is here to make you get that warm fuzzy feeling when you get a fresh cake from a bakery. These days people wait in lines for hours to get a fresh baked goods from the best bakeries, save you time by trying Dizzit's Doughnut Caramel or Strawberry Cheesecake. Just delish!
  5. Ossem - All the way from Malaysia, Ossem is awesome! Did you know Malaysia are know as one of the places that make the best vape e-liquid and these guys will show you way.
    They provide fruit flavors on the next level. Their unique bottles and packaging are just the start of being different. Its the liquid inside that will make your vaping experience like you have just had a mango covered in glitter thrown in your face in a good way.   

Here is another great aspect of trying these juices is they all come in 60ml bottles so no need to pay a high price. At Legacy Vape Company all of our E-liquids are premium made and discounted at the lowest prices in Australia!! 

We hope this has given you a spark to try something unique and new this year!

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