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Fat Kiwi Handmade Coils are one of the best when it comes to rebuildable coils! With a wide range to choose from:
  • Single Coil Alien (N80) - 3 x 27g Core, 36g wrap, 2.5mm diameter, 0.2ohm resistance
  • Low Resistance Aliens - 3 x 26g core, 36 wrap, 3mm diameter, 0.11ohm resistance
  • High Resistance Alien (N80) - 3 x 28g core, 36g wrap, 2.5mm diameter, 0.15 resistance
  • 6 Ply Fraliens (N80) - 2 x 28g core, 6 x 0.3g ribbon, 36g wrap, 3mm diameter, 0.12ohm resistance
  • Series Alien - 3 x 28g KA1 core, 36g N80 wrap, 3mm diameter, 0.3ohm resistance 
2x coils come in the box

Just a reminder to always do your research and have experience before using these coils.
Needed a DIY Kit or some accessories to help you make rebuilding a breeze, click here.