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Golisi i4 USB Charger

Golisi i4 USB Charger

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The Golsi I4 is one of the best 4-slot and 2A fast chargers for your Vape batteries. Using a USB port with DC 5V/ 2A power input you can take it anywhere. It's compatible with cylinder shape rechargeable batteries such as 18650, 21700 and 26650 batteries, you can even charge different batteries at the same time. A large HD LCD display and 0.5A/ 1.0A / 2.0A output options, the I4 Smart Charger will give you a faster and safer charging experience.

It comes with awesome features like:

  • Portable and safe smart charger
  • USB power port with DC 5V/2A power input
  • Compatible with almost all types of cylinder shape rechargeable batteries
  • LED light indicating the battery charging situation
  • Military grade loading spring
  • ABS/PC fireproof case
  • 4 battery slots

This charger will take the stress away of running out of charger during the day!

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