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Sugoi Vapor 100ml

Sugoi Vapor 100ml

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Segoi Vapor is a Japanese inspired vape e-juice range, bringing unique and powerful flavours.

  • Gi - ripe green apple flavor with menthol
  • Yume - Japanese Kyoho Grape
  • Ryu - Dragon Fruit, juicy Lychee, and tart Kiwi
  • Rei - papaya, passionfruit, and mango
  • Musha - authentic milk tea flavor
  • Jin - ruby red grapefruit flavor with menthol
  • Sakura - Mango, peach and pinapple with a light touch of white Japanese mint tea mixed in for a light cooling menthol vape.
  • Bosu - a lemon cream puff pastry
  • Yin - acai berries, strawberries, and blueberry smoothie

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