Trippy Treats 60ml

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Keep It Trippy 

Whether your a seasoned psychonaut or freelance freshman, Trippy Treats provides high-quality products that shake-up the routine of everyday existence keeping life 'trippy'

Rainbow Rice Crispy

Taste the gold at the end of the rainbow in a kaleidoscope of cryptic colour combining layers of malty magic with crunchy punch of psychedelically-infused sugariness.

Vanilla Slice

Float into the bakery as your senses manifest waves of creamy custard, smooth vanilla and sweet sugar magically blended to mesmerise the mind.

Strawberry Freakshake

Take a trip down strawberry fields as you melt into a milky world of pink meringue, malty biscuit and freaked out sweetness for some tweaked-out trreatness.

Apple Pies

Reminiscent of the classic late night drive-thru snack, this payload of deep-fried, gooey, cinnamon-spiked, apple is a flavour well-deserving of the fast-food crown.