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Ulin B1 Pro Drying Vaporizer Kit 3400mAh

Ulin B1 Pro Drying Vaporizer Kit 3400mAh

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Ulin B1 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit is here for you!! Its a 9S Pre-heating Isolated Portable 3400mAh electronic Dry Herb Vaporizer.
It may be low cost but is has a high cost carving on the aluminum body and anodized surface treatments, which makes this device look high-end and exquisite. It has a built-in 3400mAh of high-rate 18650 battery cell, can support up to 15 vaping sessions.


  • 9 seconds preheating time, quick heat-up time
  • 3D surrounding conduction with isolated air path to keep pure taste
  • Highest Temperature can achieve 510F(265C),with precise temperature control and color display
  • Energy Saving System: On-demand hit and energy saving functions, saving more of your Drying Vaporizer and battery power!
  • Insulation Structure: along with a grip that does never gets too hot to touch, even after heating up over 30 minutes with 230C working temperature ,heating chamber is totally isolated from the hand grip.
  • Temperature Adjustment: press the key 3 times(plus) or 4 times (minus)in 2 seconds. When the"+ "icon or " -" icon is displayed in the screen, press the key to adjust the temperature.
  • The temperature graph color: When the color of the temperature graph is red, it indicates that the machine is working; if it is blue, it indicates that the machine is in standby mode.
  • The white dotted line: The white dotted line is used to display the temperature set by the user. The higher the line is, the higher the temperature value is.
  • An easy snap-in snap-out cap which you can easily remove and its magnetic lock makes loading Drying Vaporizer a lot easier and quicker
  • A larger herb capacity with 1.8ml oven allow you to have a longer vape session.

Tip: when this device is working and you put it aside for over 30 seconds, it will start saving power(just as display shows) ; if over 90 seconds, it will stop working.

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