Yocan LUX Vape Pen Vaporizer Battery 400mAh

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What is surprising progress is that Yocan LUX 510 Threaded Vape Pen Battery features an adjustable voltage between 1.8V and 4.2V, with its continuous innovation, creating and unique offering, this voltage adjustment dial may change voltage by way of rotation. Although it has a slim pen-style alloy body, it takes 400mAh built-in battery and is equipped with a micro-USB charging port on the bottom for charging in time. What's more, LUX is fired by one standard button operation, rapidly clicking the power button 2 times, the device is in preheat mode, another 2 times is mean to deactivate. 10 seconds for preheat function (1.8V), 15 seconds must cut-off when you are in offline status. LUX is compatible with all cartridges that have 510 thread, come and own one to DIY your kit.

1. 400mAh Built-in Battery
2. 10 Seconds Preheat Function
3. 1.8V-4.2V Adjustable Voltage
4. 15 Seconds Safety Cut-off
5. Fit Any 510 Thread Cartridges
6. 2 Times in Preheat Mode
7. 4 Times To Deactivate

Brand: Yocan
Unit: 1 Set
Battery Capacity: 400mAh Built-in Battery
Output Voltage: 1.8V-4.2V
Fit for: Fit any 510 thread cartridges
Package: Gift Box