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Little Taster Mystery Parcel

Little Taster Mystery Parcel

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Delight in the art of vaping with our Little Taster Mystery Parcel – a petite treasure trove of premium vape juices that packs a big punch in flavor exploration. This carefully curated collection offers a delightful array of small but mighty bottles, each containing a surprise blend of high-quality vape juices. Perfect for those seeking a taste adventure without committing to a large quantity, the Little Taster Mystery Parcel is a gateway to discovering new and exciting flavors. From refreshing fruit infusions to decadent dessert notes, each bottle holds the potential to become your next vaping favorite. Embrace the charm of the unexpected, elevate your vaping experience, and treat your taste buds to a world of possibilities. Order your Little Taster Mystery Parcel today and enjoy the thrill of exploring flavors in a uniquely compact and exciting package.

What comes in the parcel:

3 x 60ml E-juices

Retail Price $66 but you can get it for $50!!
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